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FI Nordics Spring 2023
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Nordic Girl Power 2023
Nordic Impact Hack 2023
Nordic Pitch Battle 2023
FI Nordics Fall 2022 – Startup Accelerator Program
Nordic Startup Festival 2022 – Virtual Startup Summit

Nutty Ventures: Acceleration Universe

Acceleration Programs

Nutty Ventures runs Founder Institute Nordics. Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator in 200+ cities with 25000+ mentors and experts globally and an estimated portfolio value of $30 billion across 6500+ portfolio companies. Applications for the Nordic Spring 2023 are open!

Mega Events

Nutty Ventures recently arranged two mega events: Nordic Startup Festival 2022, the largest virtual startup summit in the Nordics on the theme “What’s the Nordic Secret Sauce of Building Unicorns” and Nordic Pitch Battle 2022, the largest virtual pitching summit in the Nordics connecting startups with investors, angels & VCs.

Ecosystem Hacks

The world needs change faster than can be created by isolated efforts of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, venture capital or states. The next wave of change will be delivered through ecosystem hacks – making ecosystems talk & collaborate. We recently partnered up for Hack For Peace, a pan-European hackathon and are now launching Nordic Impact Hack.

Corporate Innovation

Today’s organizations need to move at lightning pace – breaking new grounds, testing new ideas, and tearing down silos and inertia. Nutty Ventures brings startup mindset, agility, and activism to organizations to accelerate innovation, transform processes, and align the culture for fast-evolving marketplace.

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Applications are open for the Founder Institute Nordics Spring 2023 pre-seed accelerator program!

Nutty Ventures is running the Founder Institute’s Silicon Valley based pre-seed accelerator program in the Nordic region.

Learn More & Apply to the Accelerator!

Nordic Girl Power 2023

Sep 27, 2023 | Celebrating Nordic Female Superheroes

Welcome to a day filled with Keynotes, Panels, Masterclasses, Pitching, Networking & Awards!


Join the Nordic Girl Power 2023 as an attendee and watch Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Masterclasses, Live Startup Pitching, and Awards.

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Do you know of a female superhero in one of the following categories: Entrepreneur, Investor, Professional, or Emerging Talent?

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Do you have a startup idea that you would like to pitch to startup experts and investors and get feedback and make useful connections?

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Corporate Innovation & Startup Agility

Our team of experts can work closely with your leadership team to craft and implement a growth roadmap for your organization.


Ecosystem Connects & Delegations

Get in touch to connect your startup ecosystem, development initiatives, and corporate sector with the Nordic region for mutual synergies.

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