Welcome to the Nordic Startup Festival 2022

Nordic Startup Festival 2022 was held on August 31st 2022. This year’s theme was “What’s the Nordic Secret Sauce for Building Unicorns.” With 3000+ attendees from 50+ countries, Nordic Startup Festival 2022 was the largest virtual startup  summit in the region. Speakers included top investors, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem builders in a captivating string of keynote addresses, panel discussions, ecosystem connects, masterclasses, startup pitches and much more.
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Nordic Pitch Battle 2022 is a public event organized by Nutty Ventures AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

A big thanks to our ecosystem partners: Founder Institute Nordics, Startup Grind Stockholm, and Impact Hub Stockholm.

The event will be live streamed and recorded using third party platforms. The content is LIVE, and hence is unmoderated, unfiltered, and unedited. It is conducted on the basis of trust and professionalism. The event organizers cannot accept any responsibility for the performance of these platforms, and the internet links on which they depend. As these events are online, they may be vulnerable to hacking and abuse from outside parties, and we rely on the provider to ensure the security of their platform. The event organizers cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from participating in the events, neither for and not limited to, exposure to indecent, inflammatory, offensive or racist content. Any views expressed during the sessions by the speakers, moderators, jury, startups, or participants are solely based upon personal opinion and should not be taken as professional advice. Furthermore, any opinions are expressly those of the participants and not necessarily the views of the event organizers. The event organizers take all possible measures to advise participants beforehand, that they behave in a professional manner, and do not encourage or incite any prejudicial behavior against individuals, communities, nations, governments, religions or cultures that may cause offense and hurt to others, or encourage actions that break any laws. However, if this does occur, the event organizers will intervene to prevent further occurrences, which could result in participants being restricted from further sessions. In serious cases, offending participants may be banned from all future online events. Any person wishing to share content should ensure that they are not violating copyright. The event organizers will not be held liable for any such breach. All startup pitches will be public, startups should only submit material they deem appropriate to be shared publicly.

Submitted pitches and applications may be reviewed by Nutty Ventures AB, it employees, owners or partners, event organizers, jury members and partners, and third parties. Nutty Ventures AB is not an investor and cannot provide any financial assistance to startups. The purpose of Nordic Pitch Battle 2022 is to help startups get exposure and experience of pitching.

Comments, suggestions: events@nuttyventures.com