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by nvsite


The world is changing.

The future is unpredictable.

The challenges are mounting.

Today, change is happening faster than at any other time in human history.

We need new ideas, at an accelerated pace, cutting through the traditional hierarchies and structures, and implemented through a new model of collaborative action to survive and grow as individuals, organizations, ecosystems, and the human race at large.

Here’s our vision of changing the world:

Accelerating bold ideas

Else how will they disrupt today and create a better tomorrow? Every big idea that we see around today started as being classified as crazy, nutty, and almost undoable. That’s the beauty of innovation, at the first glance it is unbelievable as it challenges the status quo and systems built around status quo. Nutty Ventures is on a mission to help the next generation of entrepreneurs, dreamers, and changemakers come up with bold new ideas and develop these into globally scalable businesses.

Collaborating for inclusion

Else how will we achieve diversity in our ideas and cultures? We are more alike than different as a human race. Our differences are a source of strength, they have us create resilient ideas and business models – without diversity we are weak. Despite all the hype about supporting female and non-traditional entrepreneurs, reports after reports show that we are miles away from an equal startup space. Nutty Ventures is here to move the needle from lip-service to action by backing female and non-traditional founders using our networks.

Making organizations more agile 

Else how will they avoid obsolescence? Organizations live in an “operations trap.” This trap is set by our current business model which we seldom challenge, how we have settled into the comfort zone of doing familiar things day in day out, and the way we push our routines and processes towards ever increasing efficiency. Nutty Ventures helps organizations break their inertia by connecting them with ideas, mentors, methods, and technologies from the lean startup space to future proof their business.

Connecting ecosystems world-over: 

Else how will we have progress as the greater human race? We have much to learn from each other as countries, cities, and verticals – challenges are easier to solve if we unite, share our best practices, and help each other succeed. Sweden is leading the world in innovation and impact and Nutty Ventures is here to connect the world with Swedish best practices and resources so that we can innovate and create greater impact together.